Cosmetics and laboratories

Packaging for cosmetics and laboratories

That the Cosmetics and Laboratory Sectors in Spain, and especially in Catalonia, have experienced a spectacular development in the 20th century, with the expectation that it will continue in this 21st century, is a fact recognized by all, even beyond our borders.

Thanks to this, these sectors have contributed to creating a rich industrial fabric in which XR66, S.A. has known how to be present by contributing its recognized quality, so crucial in two demanding sectors.

We are an expanding company that creates the most modern and innovative design for the perfect cosmetic and laboratory packaging. We are specialists in the manufacture of equipment for cosmetic thermoformed containers and molds. We have incorporated a highly useful thermoformed mold system in the cosmetics, pharmacy and laboratories sector.

At XR66, S.A. We can manage a wide and assorted range of thermoformed plastic cosmetic containers. We are professionals in plastic packaging for cosmetics, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, industry, food, etc..