About us

Plastic thermoforming company

Thermoforming is a generic term for the manufacture of plastic components, which are made using a vacuum process. It consists of heating a thermoplastic sheet to its softening and forcing the hot and malleable material on the walls of a mold.

Our company develops all the necessary steps for the thermoforming process, which are the manufacture of the sheet, the pre-heating, the overlapping of the sheet, the introduction of the mold, the application of the vacuum to define the shape and finally the cooling to remove the mold part.

XR66 is the optimal company to cover this need to carry out a thermoforming process, since it is an affordable product for all customers due to its low cost of machinery and technology and its economic molds. All this makes thermoforming a very profitable system with very short production times..

In addition, all this added to our long experience in the thermoforming sector make us fully trained professionals to carry out this process, which ranges from the manufacture of the sheets to a final finish that is always of quality, since XR66 always offers so much the best products as the best services.

We have the experience and knowledge of our human team, who have spent years working in the thermoforming sector, always following the quality procedures adapted to the ISO 9002 standard obtained in March 2000, from the TUV-CERT Rheinland / berlin certification body. -Bradenburg with report number 0008002.

We also carry out plastic injection work. In engineering, injection molding is a semi-continuous process that involves injecting in a molten state into a closed mold under pressure, through a small hole called a gate. In that mold the material solidifies. The final part or part is obtained by opening the mold and removing the molded part from the cavity.