Plastic thermoformed

Thermoforming is a process that consists of heating a semi-finished plastic sheet in order to soften it to adapt it to a mold, thus taking its shape thanks to the force of another mold or vacuum pressure.

In engineering, injection molding is a semi-continuous process that involves injecting in a molten state into a closed mold under pressure, through a small hole called a gate. In that mold the material solidifies. The final part or part is obtained by opening the mold and removing the molded part from the cavity.

Forming methods can be single-stage, multi-stage, or other variations such as sheet-supported and slip forming. Its applications are many, since it is a process that is carried out mainly in factory products, all of them destined for sectors related to packaging, construction, advertising or the automotive or electronic sector.

In short, it is about applying heat to a plastic sheet by means of the force of the vacuum to shape it using a mold that can be made of different materials, such as wood, aluminum, resin or plaster.